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    • Is leptin receptor expression triggered in the case of embryo transfer to endometrium coculture? 

      Kaplanoglu, Iskender; Take-Kaplanoglu, Gulnur; Cınar, Ozgur; Goktas, Guleser; Dilbaz, Serdar; Seymen, Cemile Merve (Tıp Fakültesi, 2019-08-08)
      Background/aim: A synchronized dialogue between maternal and embryonic tissues is required for successful implantation. Low uterine receptivity is responsible for two-thirds of implantation failures and leptin is effective ...
    • Neuroprotective role of delta opioid receptors in hypoxic preconditioning 

      Guney, Sevin; Dincer, Sibel; Goktas, Guleser; Take-Kaplanoglu, Gulnur (2019)
      Background/aim: The purpose of the present study was to explore the neuroprotective role of delta opioid receptors (DOR) in the rat cortex in hypoxic preconditioning. Materials and methods: Rats were randomly divided ...